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Our team has done the hard work putting in hours of research to find the best golf cart accessories available today. Our reviews contain:

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Golf push cart review

Bring an end to your endless search and find out which push cart give you the best bang for you buck!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Golf Cart Accessories

So you thought membership was enough?

Research, budget, engage: boost your game with top-quality golf cart accessories

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Finding the best accessory is just a click away

We know time is scarce for you so window shopping for your golfing stuff is not an option. Fortunately, we´ve been there and have had the chance to see and try most of the golfing accessories all passionate golfers are looking for.

Get a better picture of what you need and why, how quality matters and how to learn more about all available options on the market these days: in only a few minutes.

Golf Carts

Buy a Golf Cart

You got your membership, you purchased the Orlimar clubs. So now, what? Finding the right golfing cart to suit your needs is the most crucial choice you need to make at this point. On the other hand, it is perhaps the most exciting, too.

One of the best parts about shopping for your golf cart is that you get to learn about some of the potential risks that may arise while handling or transporting your equipment, especially if this is your first time shopping for a golf cart. After all, first-hand experiences are the most reliable source of information when it comes to assessing product performance.

And while you want to make sure that the golf cart you purchase will be both practical and long-lasting, we can all agree that some budgeting needs to be done beforehand.

Make your budget work for you

Golf carts are the item most of us spend more time choosing and undoubtedly, the largest part of our budget.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to break the bank or take out a second mortgage to buy your golfing cart. Even shopping for a cart should be a simple and straightforward process, there are numerous critical factors that you will want to pay close attention to before making your final pick.

In fact, the plot might seem to thicken when you realize that the cart is only the beginning and that there is a wide range of products linked to your original purchase. For example, do you know how much is a golf cart windshield or which are the best golf cart batteries?

Go through this information knowing that this is nowhere near a complete list of details that you may want to keep in mind. However, it is the kind of foundational knowledge that you will want to thoroughly tap into before you tackle any golf cart accessories purchase. Read through this guide in order to get a deeper overview.

A Few Things to Consider before Buying a Golf Cart

The first and most important point before the actual purchase is to take your time and ask as many questions as you need. Get the facts right from the beginning, and understand why this is precisely where the process begins. If you though the only choice you had to make involved your golf cart dimensions: think twice.

First Choice: New or Refurbished?

One of the only ways to solve this crucible is to deal with the matter the same way you would if you were purchasing a car.

With a new golfing cart you buy peace of mind, mostly because you know you are the first owner and since the best golf brands offer a reliable warranty, chances are that you will not have to worry about getting golf cart parts for some time.

Likewise, you will know just how old your golf cart wheels are or whether the batteries in your electric golf cart could have possibly run down or not.

In addition, a brand new cart usually means that you are getting the latest technology, performance and comfort: all-in-one.

So which one is right for you?

Finally, new models give you the chance to profit from the many attractive finance incentives available for the purchase of new models typically offered by the manufacturers themselves and that are rarely available for used carts.

On the other hand, a used cart may look like an attractive option –moneywise. However, you should be made aware of the fact that it has become customary for many dealers in this line of business to conceal both the actual year of the model, and the age of batteries in the case of electric golf carts.

Another downside to purchasing a refurbished unit is that most of these carts have been cosmetically refurbished, but if you do some research on the parts, you will find that most of the working components are original.

Always check for the serial number of the car, as this is one way to find out what the year model is.

Make sure to request a written warranty, even when you are purchasing a used golf cart.

Second Choice: Gas or Electric?

This choice implies balancing a few aspects, some of which you (the buyer) have no control over.

For starters, in many locations nationwide, a motorized golf cart will not be an option because on occasion, you will find that the location where the cart will be used mandates that only electric carts may be used. Be sure to check with local regulations before you even attempt to purchase a gas-operated golf cart.

The second aspect to take into account involves money. Even when both electric and gas carts cost pretty much the same for new units, the symmetry is somehow lost if it is a refurbished cart you are looking for.

Due to their lack of supply on the market, used gas carts are more costly than their electric counterparts and the difference involves a couple hundred dollars.

Finally, there is performance; whereas gas carts will generate some emission, electrical cars will require more maintenance, as even the best golf cart batteries will run out eventually.


Golf cart

Golf cart

Golf Cart Wheels

Wheels can be ranked as the most widely sought-after golf cart accessories. This means that getting some valuable scoop on the issue might be more than advisable.

Leading experts agree that the key to finding the best golf cart tires is getting the right tire/wheel combination. It might seem like a simple choice but matching the application to the tire is as important as several other decisions you will make for your golf cart.

Wheels are not only for golf riding carts, but also for smaller carts as well. Therefore, some of the most popular golf cart accessories are golf push cart replacement wheels.


Golf cart wheels

Golf cart wheels

Golf Cart Bags

Cart bags are usually lighter and visibly smaller. By definition a cart bag is a golf bag specifically designed to be transported on a golf cart or golf push cart.

Search for a vast array of golf bags for push carts online now.


Golf cart bags

Golf cart bags

Golf Cart Covers

These useful golf cart accessories help to protect both the cart and its passengers. Learn about a wide range of drivable golf cart enclosures that have been designed to fit a variety of cart models.

In some types of weather, simple golf cart tops may be enough. However, sometimes, a golf buggy needs more than a canopy.

Overall, since the purpose of a cover is to protect you and your equipment from the elements (sun, wind, rain and extreme temperatures) your best shot is to find something better than the classic cheap nylon cover. Look for high-quality materials that are not only waterproof, but UV resistant as well.


Golf cart covers

Golf cart covers

Golf Cart Lights

Regardless of your golf cart size, all powered golf carts should have lights. Some of the best guidance you can get for this purchase is to always look for your cart manufacturer and then check what is available for your model.

Trying to adapt or transform electrical accessories to fit your cart may result in time and money being wasted.


Golf cart lights

Golf cart lights

Golf Push Carts

Even if you have an automated golf riding cart, you may still wish to take your Orlimar golf bag with you everywhere. In that case, a golf push cart will come in handy.

Look for a compact and lightweight design that will allow for easy transportation.

Besides, a full bag must ride high with the club heads well away from the handle and sit in a convenient upright position allowing easy access to all your clubs. 

If you are interested in purchasing a golf push cart we highly recommend you read our review on the best golf push cart for 2017 before buy. We provide a detailed analysis on the best options available, making your buying experience as easy as possible.​

Alternatively you can find out some of the finest electronic golf push carts for sale on Amazon golf accessories.


Interested in golf push carts? Then look no further. We've just reviewed the top push carts available on the market for 2017. Learn which one is the best on for you. 


Golf push cart

Golf push cart

Golf Cart Heaters

Because some golfers must face extremely low temperatures, portable heaters have been created to bring more comfort to golfers of all ages.

Most of these units are propane powered but not all models include the tank. Establish whether the heater you are about to buy includes the tank or not.

System connection should always be done by a certified technician. You can find out more about these heaters online.


golf cart heater

Golf cart heater

Final Word

All in all folks - you golf lovers everywhere- take time to go through this information and become an active player, not only on the green, but first and foremost, while you are still gathering your equipment. Move forward with the insider tips information we have been happy to share with you and make the most out of each stroke.

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